Wednesday, October 5

    Rare UK49s Numbers

    Some 49s ball numbers are so rarely drawn over a span of time that they are not worth considering for playing with. What if you could obtain a list of all the least drawn UK49s numbers? Here is a list of the numbers with the fewest occurrences in the last two months. You can use them as a resource for your UK 49 strategy to win the draws. However, keep in mind that even the slightest chance of appearing one of these 49s numbers can hold true, so be cautious about playing in a draw based game like UK49s.

    We have included rarely drawn numbers for both lunchtime and teatime draws on this page. You can check previous lunchtime results on our home page for clarification. That is also true for teatime results. UK49s predictions use these rare UK49s numbers to analyze the prediction numbers.

    The lunchtime results history and teatime results history are also available in case you need to kickstart your own 49s number prediction. UK 49 predictions are being sought upon by a very large number of people in South Africa. That’s why we are also working on it to provide you with the best prediction numbers.

    There might be some confusion about whether or not these numbers are similar to the UKĀ 49 hot and cold numbers. Well, these rarely occurring numbers are kind of similar to cold numbers, but you can think of them as the coldest of cold, so they appear very, very rarely, or never at all.

    1. Rarely occurring lunchtime numbers

    UK49s Number Most Recent
    16 46 days ago
    9 36 days ago
    11 30 days ago
    36 25 days ago
    32 23 days ago
    42 21 days ago
    3 20 days ago
    21 18 days ago
    38 14 days ago
    2 13 days ago
    13 13 days ago
    24 12 days ago
    49 12 days ago
    19 11 days ago
    22 10 days ago

    2. Rarely occurring teatime numbers

    UK49s Number Most Recent
    10 48 days ago
    40 22 days ago
    31 20 days ago
    5 18 days ago
    11 18 days ago
    19 15 days ago
    23 15 days ago
    7 14 days ago
    18 13 days ago
    26 13 days ago
    27 11 days ago
    28 11 days ago
    37 11 days ago
    17 10 days ago
    20 10 days ago