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    UK49s Lunchtime Results and Teatime Results

    UK49s, lunchtime and teatime results

    The UK49s results are announced twice daily. By entering both draws, you can double your chances of winning. The most recent results are published on this website on a regular basis. The results of first draw of the day is published daily at 1:49 p.m., also known as lunchtime results draw. The second draw is published the following day at 6:49 p.m., which is referred to as teatime or evening draw.

    The UK49s lotto is a lottery game run by the National Lottery of UK. It is one of the two main games on the National Lottery, the other being the EuroMillions. It was launched on 1 October 1997. UK 49 is drawn daily every day of the week from Monday to Sunday. 

    We publish both UK49s lunchtime result and teatime result everyday, all seven days of the week. The UK 49 predictions are also published daily on regular basis. When the teatime & lunchtime results are announced, you can find them on this website along with old results. Check today’s latest UK49s results below and see if you win UK49. Our best wishes are with you (from Naapsi Team)!

    UK49s Lunchtime Results today is:

    18th April 2024
    • 19
    • 21
    • 26
    • 29
    • 37
    • 41
    • 5

    The lunchtime draw of the UK 49 lotto is played at 1:49 PM (South Africa). So be sure to keep up to date with the results published here. You can also check yesterday’s lunchtime result here. The result of the most recent UK Lunchtime Lotto draw is shown below.

    UK49s Teatime Results today is:

    17th April 2024
    • 3
    • 4
    • 7
    • 14
    • 25
    • 32
    • 35

    The teatime draw of the UK 49 lotto is drawn at 6:49 PM (South Africa). That’s why it is also called evening draw. You can check yesterday’s teatime result down below.

    Monday 15th April 2024
    • 1
    • 4
    • 22
    • 23
    • 43
    • 45
    • 35

    UK49s hot and cold numbers

    Hot and cold numbers in UK49 serves to improvise the win probability. The numbers which occurs frequently over the period of time are called “hot numbers”. The numbers which rarely occurs are called “cold numbers”. Keeping focus on these UK49s ball numbers can help eliminating the losing factors, hence why cold UK49 ball is as important as hot numbers. You can check UK 49 hot and cold numbers (5 picks) here for both lunchtime and teatime including UK49s hot bonus numbers (5 picks). 

    Check top 18 numbers at UK 49 hot and cold numbers.

    UK Lunchtime Hot Numbers:

    Lunchtime Hot Bonus/Booster Numbers:

    UK Teatime Hot Numbers:

    Teatime Hot Bonus/Booster Numbers:

    What is UK49s?

    It is a draw-based lottery game that is very popular in South Africa and the UK. This game involves the drawing of random numbers between 1 and 49, hence why it is called the “49s lottery.” However, 49s players (49er’s) like to call it “UK49s” as an acronym for UK (United Kingdom) and 49s.

    The 49s lottery was founded and originated in the UK in 1983. Now, with an online presence, it has reached vast worldwide players.

    UK49s Results History

    We update and publish all the 49s results history up to 6 months old in our archive. At UK 49, we have two distinct categories: “Lunchtime results history” and “Teatime results history.. Feel free to check them out as they are available in our website.

    UK49s Predictions

    People use different prediction methods to win UK49s. Prediction numbers are published every day on many websites, so they are not scarce as of now. But to actually put it to good use to win is a skill that you need to learn and apply. Remember that these prediction numbers are based on previous UK49s ball occurrences and strategy, so you need to be careful in utilising them. The UK 49 predictions for both lunchtime and teatime is in the works and soon will be posted here.

    Keep in mind that most 49s number generators are just algorithms and should be taken as a usable material only.

    How does UK 49s lottery work?

    UK49s follow the strategy of draw-based games. It allows you to pick up to six numbers from the range of 1 to 49. Six numbers is the standard of this draw that most people follow, but you can also opt for a seventh number which is called a “boosted ball.” With seven numbers the prize is lesser compared to playing with six numbers. All in all, players can bet any amount and play any numbers. The more numbers match with the UK49s result, the greater the prize sum.

    49s operates two draws daily, which are called lunchtime (afternoon) and teatime (evening). 

    "UK49" vs "UK49s"

    They are related terms that are often confusing to new 49ers players. They are synonyms for each other. The term “UK49” is just another synonym used by some 49ers for the UK49s lottery just like “UK 49”.

    How can I play UK 49 numbers?

    To play the UK49s Lottery, you must select six numbers and one additional number from the lottery numbers 1 to 49. Seventh number includes a booster ball, which increases your odds of winning. 

    After calculating previous 49s lottery results, you can determine the winning numbers for the UK49s lottery.


    Winning a draw-based game depends on luck and strategy. First of all, you have to choose six numbers from 1 to 49 for the draw. The official draw will pick six randomised numbers as the winning numbers, and you have to match them with your numbers. 49ers use UK 49s predictions and hot/cold ball numbers to aid them in winning.

    You win every time your number matches with official result number.

    You can contact your nearest bookmaker that operates with UK 49s. Many of them have an online website where you can sign up and bet online.

    Build your own winning strategy using previous 49s results and winners. Although the draws for lunchtime and teatime are different, the mechanics are the same. So whether you are waiting for UK49s lunchtime result or teatime, it doesn’t matter; you can apply any technique to win UK49s. That said, playing on patterns is a bad idea and should be handled with better strategy.

    uk49s results

    UK 49s Rules & Regulations

    Just like every other popular lotteries, UK49s also has a set of rules that players must abide by. Every day, 49’s takes place twice. Six numbers are drawn from balls marked 1–49, plus a bonus number dubbed the “Booster.”

    The draw is streamed live on SIS, and the results are displayed in the shop immediately following the draw.

    The following rules were compiled in consultation with the betting industry and are representative of the rules found in the majority of betting shops. However, some bookmakers have their own set of rules. As a result, you should check with your betting shop before placing a bet.

    • There is a maximum payout for any individual customer or group/syndicate of customers who bet on the same combination of selections, even if they came from different sources. This is shown in the shop where the bet was placed on any UK 49’s draw.
    • Bets on the 49’s draw are accepted up to the official start time broadcast on SIS.
    • If a timed or named draw is selected but the bet is accepted after the corresponding day’s draw (if any), SINGLE BETS will be settled on the first draw following the bet’s acceptance, regardless of the draw name or time specified on the slip.
    • If more than one draw is selected, the wager will be settled on the subsequent named or timed consecutive draws that occur after the wager is accepted.
    • If no draw is specified or the draw is specified incorrectly, the bet will count for the next consecutive draw that occurs after the bet is accepted.
    • If a draw is not held for any reason, bets will stand for the next available “49’s” draw unless mutually agreed upon cancellation.
    • Betting on the 49’s is permitted on standard betting slips.
    • Unless otherwise stated, all wagers are on the “6 Number Draw.”
    • 49’s bets are not eligible for consolation or bonuses if they are placed on one of our specials, such as “Lucky 15s.” Where the total number of numbers chosen exceeds five, the wager will be settled as a series of “five correct” wagers with the stake allocated.
    • Multiple wagers on a single 49’s draw are also permitted. However, 49’s draw wagers cannot be combined with any other betting event, nor may two or more draws be combined in accumulative wagers. Illegible figures will be considered void, and the wager will be reduced accordingly.
    • Odds will be applied to only valid numbers. For instance, if a wager on the “3 numbers correct” section contains two numbers and a void number, the wager will be settled using the odds for the “2 numbers correct” section.
    • In “49’s Bingo” wagers, if fewer than nine numbers are selected, an incorrect number is selected, the same number is selected more than once, or the figures are illegible, the wager is void.
    • The “Booster” ball is not included in “49’s Bingo” wagers. Special bets available on a “49” draw cannot be combined with other “49” draw bets.
    • Any situations not covered by these rules will be governed by the rules of the individual betting shops.

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