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Primary Prevention Device Categories
(Click on category to see the technologies associated with it)

Antimicrobial Catheters

Blood Sampling

Hemodynamic Monitoring

Laser Technologies

Needleless Drug Delivery

Needleless Injection Systems

Prefilled Syringes

Skin Antiseptics

Surgical Glues and Wound Closure

Vascular Visualization


Secondary Prevention Device Categories

Injection Devices

Injection Devices for Dentistry

IV Medication Delivery Systems

IV Insertion Equipment

Other Catheters

Epidural/ Spinal Needles

Blood Collection Equipment

Medication Vial Adaptors


Surgical Scalpels

Suture Needles

Alternative Skin Closure Devices

Other Surgical Sharps Protection

Laboratory Devices

Blood Bank Devices

Nuclear Medicine Devices

Hemodialysis and Aphaeresis Devices

Fluid Sampling Devices

Bone Marrow Collection System

Other Safety Products

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