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The National Alliance for the Primary Prevention of Sharps Injuries (NAPPSI) is a group of health organizations, medical device manufacturers, healthcare professionals, and others working cooperatively to reduce sharps injuries by reducing the number of sharps in the healthcare workplace. Primary prevention means utilizing technologies and practices that either reduce or eliminate the need to use needles and other medical sharps.

More than 600,000 medical sharps injuries occur each year in healthcare facilities in the U.S. Any healthcare worker who handles sharp devices or equipment such as lancets, suture needles, scalpels, or hypodermic needles risks injury and life-threatening infections such as HIV or Hepatitis B or C. Primary prevention devices and practices can eliminate risk in many situations.


To advance healthcare worker safety by vigorous promotion of techniques and technologies that eliminates sharps from the healthcare workplace.


The complex world of healthcare will be safe environment for both patients and healthcare workers. Primary prevention techniques and technologies work together with secondary prevention to create the most comprehensive approach to sharps safety. This approach involves the integration of leadership from all healthcare delivery settings; specialists in infection control, infusion therapy, surgical services, and occupational health; engineers, sales and marketing staff of device and diagnostic product manufactures; and insurance companies and other payers of healthcare services.




Arrow International
Baxter Healthcare
B. Braun Medical, Inc.
Bioject Medical Technology
Infection Control
Inviro Medical Devices
I.V. House, Inc.
Medegen Medical
Manu. Service

Medi-Flex, Inc.

Terumo Medical Corp.
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